While bones are the quintessential dog chew, real animal bones do pose several health risks. Here’s why alternatives are worth looking into.

No splintering or blockages

While dogs tend to love real bones, they come with a huge risk: splintering. Never feed your dog any animal bones unless they are specifically advertised as being suited for dogs. Especially keep leftover bones from (home)cooked meals away from your pooch, as bone becomes brittle and highly prone to splintering when cooked. Sharp edges can severely injure you dog’s mouth, stomach, or intestinal lining, and might even cause a rupture or blockage. Zeus NOSH is a great alternative to real bones as these synthetic bones are ultra-strong and smell great to boot.

Built-in dental care

Real animal bones can be very hard on your dog’s teeth. Especially older pooches, which are more likely to have undetected dental problems, risk chipping or breaking their pearly whites. Zeus Better Bones are a great alternative to real animal bones as Better Bones are supple, gentle on your dog’s gums, and assist in keeping your dog’s teeth clean.

A wide range of shapes and flavors

Animal bones contain tons of calcium, to the point where your dog might ingest so much of this mineral that it turns their poop completely white! Provide your dog with a more nutritious chew, such as Zeus Better Bones, to give them a healthy boost. Prefer a chew that lasts long yet tastes great? Zeus NOSH comes in various shapes, sizes, and flavors, so you can always find one that’s perfect for your pooch.

No pathogens, no worries

While the pet food industry is highly regulated, raw animal bones from disreputable sources can contain Listeria, E. coli, and Salmonella, which are nasty bacteria that can make both dogs and humans seriously ill. Children might pick up pathogens that spread from the raw bone and meat to the floor by your dog leaving their bone lying around. Or, you could get ill simply by forgetting to wash your hands after you touched your dog’s bone. All Zeus chews are made or prepared in a controlled environment, making sure your dog’s favorite snack is safe to chew or eat.