Choosing a chew toy for your dog isn’t as easy as it sounds. We help you to pick one that is perfect for your pooch.

Aggressive chewers

The right chew for your dog is one that matches their chewing habits. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, don’t go for soft or flexible chew bones or sticks, as they won’t last very long. Instead, go for an ultra-sturdy chew, such as Zeus NOSH Strong Bone or Zeus NOSH Strong Wishbone as these will stand up to the power of your pooch’s jaws for much longer. Is your dog obsessed with anything that has a wood scent to it? Zeus NOSH Wood Chew Bones and Zeus NOSH Strong Stick consist of a mixture of wood and nylon, so they deliver a natural wood scent while being way more sturdy and safer than real sticks.

Gentle chewers

Is your dog more of a gentle nibbler? Zeus NOSH Flexible Bones are softer yet last long, which is great for less bite-heavy dogs and even pups. If your dog can get tricked by a toy that smells like food but isn’t food, you should definitely give Zeus Duo a try. These strong nylon dog toys with an outer layer of softer, see-through TPR don’t just look amazing, they smell doggo-licious too!

Toy size should match dog size

Picking the right size of dog chew is crucial, as most chew toys unfortunately pose a certain risk of suffocation. Make sure that any chew you purchase is large enough not end up in your dog’s throat, yet small enough to fit between your dog’s jaws.

Toy shape changes

Bear in mind that some dog toys won’t keep their shape indefinitely and can become pretty dangerous. Rawhide bones, for example, are popular as they taste great and usually last long. Unfortunately, these indigestible chews can splinter and will unfold once they soak up dog saliva, which is dangerous for your pooch. Similarly, that wooden stick your dog picked up at the park seems super innocent, but by chewing it, the ends can get pointy or the stick might splinter and leave sharp pieces of wood that can do some serious damage. Therefore, make sure that you get your dog a chew that will stay in one piece after countless hours of chewing, and always keep an eye on your pooch while they chew away.

Health, hygiene, and your own preferences

Dog toys have to endure a lot of abuse. They get covered in saliva, are dragged along the floor, and are often left laying around in the garden. The perfect chew is therefore weather-resistant and easy to clean. Don’t forget to pick a soft chew if your dog is a little older to provide damage to their teeth. Also, keep your own convenience in mind. Some chews – bully sticks for example – are super stinky, while others can leave permanent spots or your sofa or wooden floor.