Dog toys are increasingly being made from TPR, and for many good reasons. Find out why TPR toys are just right for your pooch.

What is TPR?

TPR or thermoplastic rubber is a mix of – you guessed it – plastic and rubber. The material has been around since the 1970s and has reshaped the pet toy industry. What makes this man-made material so special, is that it has properties from both its base components. It is flexible and elastic like rubber, but also melts like plastic, which is handy for manufacturers to create shapes and textures that dogs love. And, best of all, TPR is fully recyclable.

Why choose TPR dog toys?

Thermoplastic rubber isn’t only easy to get into the desired shape, it also has benefits for you and your dog. Being highly durable as well as abrasion and puncture resistant, TPR is exactly what you want for a toy that needs to stand up to a set of sharp canine teeth. In addition, TPR holds its shape very well and doesn’t get sticky, even when left outside in bad weather or when laying in a hot car during summer. An added benefit is that the material exists in both very hard and softer varieties to fit any dog’s preferences.

Safe toys for happy dogs

Most important of all, thermoplastic rubber is safe for your dog. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemical substances like BPA, phthalates or lead. In addition, TPR dog toys are easy to clean as they don’t get tacky, making them dirt-repellent. This tough material is even waterproof and dishwasher-safe, though you should always check the toy packaging to make absolutely sure. Thanks to their durability, any small parts are unlikely to come off your dog’s favorite TPR toy. While harder TPR is perfect for aggressive chewers, the softer kind of thermoplastic rubber is very well-suited for dog teeth and gum maintenance

Recycle for a happy planet

We have some great news for all pet parents that care about nature. TPR is an eco-friendly material as it can be recycled. When the material is exposed to very high temperatures, it will return to its molten state, after which it can be turned into any shape. So, while your dog might be reluctant to part with their favorite toy, know that the toy will go on and get a great second life.